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Mind Control


(Scopolamine), and Why its Important. the missing piece to the puzzle Drug World's Scariest Drug (Documentary Exclusive) Scopolamine ZOMBIE drug! was Scopolamine used on James Holmes


  Project MKULTRA 

Declassified MK-Ultra Project Documents MKULTRA - Video Search MKULTRA - Bing - Web Search MK-Ultra - Mind Control
Ground Zero Radio: Cambion Scars COPS scars Elite scars MKULTRA victim testimony Magnus Olsson - Video Search MILABS



Monarch II short intro Monarch quotes Fritz Springmeier - Mind Control Slave THE SKILL OF LYING, THE ART OF DECEIT
Monarch - Web Search Mind Control Slavery and the New World Order Use Of Monarch Mind Control Project Monarch Mind Control Videos
Monarch - Video Search      


  Scalar Waves 

Magnus Olsson Technical proof that Scalar Waves exist scalar waves mind control - basic search Prof. Meyl detected DNA-Wave and Scalar Wave Biology


   Gang Stalking, Electronic Stalking and Psychotronic Warfare 

Dr. John Hall Mind Control The misdiagnosis of targeted individuals Organized Gang Stalking Testimonials Voice to skull are now in millions of people
Gang Stalking - video search Gaslighting What is Gaslighting? Stories of Gang Stalking & Electronic Harassment If they harm you with energy weapons
Electronic Stalking - video search A gang stalking website Organized Gang Stalking Victim: Gloria Naylor Organized Gang Stalking and Mind Control
Psychotronic Warfare - video search Gang stalking recruitment video TOP SECRET LEAKS! Gang Stalkers dont want us to know! The Manipulation Series - Gaslighting
Govt. Surveillance Gang Stalking - Edward Snowden      


  NLP Programming in the Media 

NLP on Morning Show? NWO Media brainwashing! Sean Hannity Endorses Microchips for Kids Propaganda-Behind Big Media

Handwriting Analysis Video

  NLP - Eye Patterns - Spotting Liars 

NLP Eye Patterns How To Detect a Lie FBI Agent Explains How To Spot Liars Eye Movement Demon Do it Yourself
Eye Accessing Cues NLP Lie Detector Eye Accessing Cues Explained Reading faces Pamela Meyer: How to spot a liar
Eye Paterns (NLP) How to detect lies. Great tips on how to spot a liar NLP - Eye Accessing Cues: Get Inside Someone's Mind  


  Subliminal Messages 

Subliminal Messages Subliminal Messaging! O.o Hidden message in water Subliminal message satanic
Steganography Illuminati Hollywood-I am Legend-Occult/symbolism Subliminal Messages from National Geographic Cranium Implants
"Subliminal Messages Exposed"      


  Synthetic Telepathy 

All Good Fair-trade Bananas - Listen to your conscience

Synthetic Telepathy - Bing video search An Introduction to SYNTHETIC TELEPATHY my spin on it  Ch.1 The Mind Uploading Microwave Hearing (Schizophrenia)
Synthetic Telepathy - web search Basic Tactics of SYNTHETIC TELEPATHY CHAPT. 2 A Documentary on Voice-to-Skull Electronic Harassment Targeted Individuals "what voice to skull repeats"
Synthetic Telepathy - bing web search SYNTHETIC TELEPATHY more on tactics Chapt. 3    


  Targeted Individuals (TI's) 

Ultrasonic Deterrents  Voice in head weapon

Someone's daily log Govt Mind Control Technologies with Dr. John Hall martinacable nowfact
Mental Security Models of Synthetic Telepathy Brain Computer - synthetic telepathy
Defeating Mind Control Cyborg Kieron lee Perrin Lecture at the Bases Conference TARGETED: E.L.F Mind Control in America  


    Voices.... the Archons 

Manafesting Demons

Demons are Real Robert Stanley and Dr. "J" IN5D Radio: Interview w/Cameron Day Robert Stanley-Archons: Eternal Nemeses Archons - Bing Video search


Derren Brown

Derren Brown - Bing Video Search Trains... Of thought SMOKE Staring competition
At the Dog Track At the Dog Track (explained) Instant conversion - part 1 Instant conversion - part 2
Russian Scam Russian Scam (explained) Photo Booth Hypnosis Video Arcade Game Hypnotism
Astrology Mental Conducting Numbers game NLP Swish Pattern
Zombie Rapport The Undertaker's Trick Instant conversion  (Explained)