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The words in this song "I'd love to turn you on" possibly refers to turn Pauls life back on but that's just a guess.

Stories found on the internet of how Paul died and/or was replaced


Story 1

Paul's body found in France...

The King is Naked - website

The King is Naked {Story 1} - Text to Speech


Story 2

   This story is just a little different from Story 1 ..... 

60IF: The True Story of Paul McCartney's Death in 1966

Story 2 - Text to Speech


Story 3

Paul is Dead -  by Jensen Rufe

Paul McCartney
1942 - 66
William "Bill" Campbell
as Paul 1966 - 1977
Macca (Faul)
 as Paul 1965? - Present

The real Paul Bill fixing his fake earlobe The drum says "The Plastic Macs".

Story 4
Last Testament of Geroge Harrison

If  above link has been deleted here is a search for it... Last Testament of Geroge Harrison - search

John's Last Album




There has been some questions about John being replaced at some point you decide.... Plastic Macca - website




Ringo, The last beetle?


 Story 6
Paul and John were replaced and quietly retired?


Story 7
All Beatles band members were replaced over the years

Beatles accept award Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductions 1988
Listen to George



A guy trying to convince people Paul is Dead.

Interesting videos about the Beatles.....



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